Best Proposal Of All Time

February 12, 2014 is a day I will never forget!

Jeremy and I had been talking about the next step in our relationship for quite awhile, looked at engagement rings a few times before putting the exact ring I wanted on layaway until Valentine’s Day so we could officially get engaged. The night leading into February 12th I had a dream I got engaged looking like crap in sweatpants, hair a mess, nails not done and not showered. When I saw a friend the morning of the 12th she told me she had a dream about someone getting married. That afternoon like clockwork Jeremy called me before his last shift at work saying he was taking a drive and smoking like a chimney because everyone was mad at each other so he had to get away to regroup. He called me on his way to job #2 and told me he was on his way home to drop off the SUV to get the fuel efficient car so he could go cash his check after work without wasting much time to come get me at home. He called when he got to job #2 to tell me Samantha needed picked up at school and his Mom would be coming over later to talk about cake ideas for our wedding this summer. I ended up ordering Pizza from Marcos to eat as we planned. Mom came over a short time later. She brought her close to dying phone with her so I let her use my charger. Pizza came and we sat down to eat and brainstorm. 20 minutes or so later Jeremy came home with bad news. He asked me if I was set on getting my ring on Valentine’s day because H+R block sent him an email about his tax return having a delay so it meant no money to get my ring. Trying my best to hide my frustration and disappointment Mom got off the end of our sofa so Jeremy could sit next to me. I saw her phone up and assumed she was texting. Jeremy pulled the ring out of his shirt and asked how I would feel about getting my ring today instead and asked me to marry him. My jaw dropped to the floor because I was in complete shock! I got teary eyed and asked if he was serious or if this was a joke or maybe I was seeing and hearing things. I said “Yes!” And he put the ring on my finger.

I had told Jeremy’s sister Samantha that I had a hunch it was coming that day. I was completely caught off guard despite things that weren’t completely adding up with what Jeremy was telling me. I looked like crap, he had his work clothes on and it was absolutely PERFECT! He took the time to think about how to catch me off guard and surprise me. That is and always will be a priceless moment that we will be telling everyone and someday our children. I’m thankful my future mother in law was there to take pictures as everything was happening. I’m still in shock and couldn’t be happier! Things like this don’t happen to girls like me. It took me 30 years to find my Mr. Forever. All the time waiting for it to be my time was worth every second!

I am thrilled to get married and share the same last name with my best friend this summer! True love is such a beautiful thing!

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