I said I’d never make it but fate said I would

Never in my life did I ever think I’d live to see my 30th Birthday. In fact, I told people I’d never make it to see my 30th Birthday on Earth.
It’s hard to believe I’ve made it. I didn’t just survive, I lived. I lived through trauma, I lived through success, I lived through near death experiences, I lived through raising 3 younger siblings since I was 3 years old, I lived through earning my high school and college diplomas, I lived through abuse, I lived through being a “celebrity” in my own right when I won the Zone 6 Bag Off at Kroger in 2000 just a couple short months after becoming a bagger, I lived through accepting an offer to work my way towards being a Kroger manager at just 16 years old, I lived through difficult times adjusting to living in a new town and still raising my siblings from afar when I left for college at The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster Ohio, I lived through trying to make a name for myself and seizing opportunities in the FFA, I lived through a failed engagement at 17 years old, I lived through witnessing horrific things, I lived through loving people that didn’t really love me, I lived through blowing up the engine in my first vehicle (an 1986 Thunderbird) when I failed to take proper care of it, I lived through sexual violence and abuse, I lived through broken hearts and scars, I lived through moments I wanted to die, I lived through a suicide attempt despite doctors saying I wouldn’t make it, I was able to survive by making others happy, I lived through and overcame fears, I was saved at 18 and chose to be baptized at 22. I survived abusive relationships. I survived rejection. I survived relationships with little to no closure. I survived through humiliation. I lived through watching my father spend a summer incarcerated. I lived through gaining a significant amount of weight and trying to lose it. I lived through car accidents. I witnessed miracles. I supported others. I found my passions in life. I traveled. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I found myself. I made mistakes. I apologized when I was wrong and made things right. I stood up for what was right.


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