Over 30 BBE 900 Gang Members Arrested Today by Cleveland Police, Law Enforcement Partners: Read Here:

Cleveland Division of Police


Cleveland Division of Police, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor and Partnering Law Enforcement Agencies Announce Arrest of Over 30 BBE 900 Gang Members

Today, officers from the Cleveland Division of Police along with the US Marshals Service and in partnership with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District executed search warrants for the arrest of over 30 members of the BBE 900 Gang who are responsible for crimes ranging from robbery to murder. Detectives from the First and Second District Detective Bureaus worked tirelessly to identify individuals who have been committing violent crimes concentrated along the 1st and 2nd District borders.

Officers identified the most violent and most frequently involved suspects and then worked collaboratively with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors to ensure a case was well documented and presented. Throughout the past month, officers and prosecutors have diligently detailed the involvement of the identified suspects in these violent crimes.

The arrests included both adult…

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