Things I Wish I Could Tell My Mother-in-Law

Life...With a Side of Sarcasm

If you know me and/or have ever met my mother-in-law, you might suspect that this blog entry will contain a lot of curse words. Normally you’d be right, but I’m trying to be serious. We’ll see how well that works out.

You say you want your son to be happy, but only if his choices make you happy, too.  Your time for dictating his every move has come and gone. Accept that his decisions work for him and make him happy. He’s happy with his life and wishes that you would be happy for him.

I realize your household got smaller when your son moved away, but you made your family smaller when you didn’t accept me or my family into your life.  Constantly reminding your son that your family is superior in every way to mine only alienates him. Ditto when you specifically state to him that you would…

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