Why do people yell at each other especially when they argue?

This brought tears to my eyes! Such a short, sweet, simple and practical way of clarifying why we yell when we argue. Makes perfect sense!

My Orthodoxy

One day, an elder put this question to his disciples:

– Why do people yell when they argue?

– We are yelling because we are losing our temper, said one of them.

– But why scream when the other person is right next to you? – Ask the wiseman again.

Well, we yell to make sure that we hear each other, tried the other disciple.

He asked again:

-However, couldn’t we talk more slowly, with a more quite voice?

None of the responses received did not satisfy the elder. Then he gave them the answer:

– Do you know why we yell at each other when we are angry? The truth is that when two people argue, their hearts distances greatly. To cover this distance, they have to shout, to be able to hear each other. The more angry, the bigger the distance -they need to speak much lauder .

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