Duck Faces *Bang Bang*


I am getting increasingly tired of the duck face… it has worn out it’s welcome. For those of you who do not know what it is, I’ll explain. Girls, and some boys, will take pictures of themselves making a kissy face and end up looking like Donald Duck. Now why on earth would a girl want to make herself look ridiculous?! I have a few theories. First, they think they look cute and silly, friendly even. Instead they look stupid and frankly unattractive. Whatever happened to simply smiling sweetly?! Thank god the myspace pose is losing favor… finally.

My second theory goes back to how women tend to be treated. Girls who are doing these poses are usually young and pretty. While growing up they are told they are “cute”, “pretty”, “small”, or some other cutesy and wonderful compliment. Now these are perfectly fine as long as a girl is…

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