16 Struggles Of Just Wanting To Call Everyone Out On Their Bullshit But Being Too Polite To Do So

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If there is one thing true of humans, it is that we are fallible, unpredictable, ass-saving, ego-driven creatures (among other, more noble things) and we love to carry on with our attention-seeking, problem-avoiding, procrastinating, lazy ass ignorant bullshit so as to not actually have to face ourselves. You do it, I do it, we’re all guilty in some form or another, and yet there seem to be people so steep in their lack of self-awareness, you can’t help but just want to call it the hell out. Here, all the struggles of being the kind of person whose daily struggle is not to do that so as to save their own asses from familial exile (and other things). Sigh.

1. You know you can’t talk. You have your shit too. You have novels worth of bullshit that probably needs to be called out. You’re not unaware of this…

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