Munch Mitt Baby Teething Mitt – Review

The Itsy Bitsy Truth

photo 2

The worst feeling in the world is being helpless when your little one is teething and crying out in pain. Most babies find relief from chewing constantly and relieving that awful pressure caused by their incoming little chompers. Unfortunately we as moms, as much as we would love to, can’t sit and hold a teether all day. I know I have caught myself thinking, little Wy it would be sooo much easier if you just held this your self. Of course at 6 months and in agony that’s not going to happen. Just when I was ready to glue the teether to his hand (okay,well maybe not actually glue it) I saw a Facebook ad for a new product that a local mom had created. One look and I was sold on the idea.

I am so greatful that Melissa came up with this handy aide! If you would like…

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